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Economically packing portion packs - in small and large batches

MULTIVAC Stand E 23 in Hall 05

Portion packs are the current trend. We at MULTIVAC offer highly-efficient solutions for the packing of portioned foods such as jam, salad dressings, sauces, sausage and even meat. For packing small and large batches. And with low packaging costs.

Resource-saving. Our innovative cutting system

At interpack, we were showing an example of a high-performance entry-level solution for small companies, for whom the manufacturing of portion packs for different products previously was barely economically feasible.

For this, we have equipped our compact R 145 thermoforming packaging machine with an innovative form and contour cutter. The cutting tool can actually be used on all thermoforming packaging machines. Thanks to short set-up times, it offers a high degree of flexibility as regards the pack design, the format to be produced and the packaging materials used. Due to the cutting unit, which produces no trim waste, the system contributes hugely to reduced consumption of packaging materials and therefore to lower pack costs. Another advantage: The new cutting system enables the manufacture of packs with different shapes. The footprint is therefore lower than that of conventional systems.

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MULTIVAC at interpack, 4th-10th of May

Stand E 23 in Hall 05
Stand A 51 in Hall 17

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Portionspackungen Teil 2 [ID: 763]

High-performance thermoforming packaging machine. The R 145

The R 145 is a freely configurable thermoforming packaging machine in the medium-output range. This offers an excellent price-performance ratio due to its standard configurations and pre-defined basic formats. Portioning and packing meat and sausage or individual portions for sauces, mustard, ketchup and jam - with a wide range of equipment options, the machine can be designed precisely to meet individual requirements.

Converging of portion packs. Our handling module

The H 052 handling module is used to converge the packs from out of the cutting tool. The gripper fixes the portion packs during the cutting process. Then it removes the good packs directly and completely from the cutting tool, before feeding them to downstream process equipment. The robot can be completely integrated into the line control. This ensures that all relevant parameters from upstream processes are reliably transferred to the module.