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Efficient packaging solutions for packing sliced products

MULTIVAC Stand E 23 in Hall 05

Sliced sausage and sliced cheese have special requirements in the packaging procedure. For an optimal result, slicers and handling modules must be perfectly coordinated with the packaging machine. Therefore, we were presenting a complete line for packaging sliced goods at interpack.

Slicer and packaging machine. A space-saving duo

Our compact R 235 thermoforming packaging machine was used in Düsseldorf as an example of this. It is designed for the medium output range and has an interface for linking cutting machines. Even other brands of slicers can be easily integrated in the line. Thanks to the space-saving infeed design, the loading conveyor of the slicer can be placed horizontally at the height of the film level. This means that no additional transport conveyors are necessary – this saves valuable space in the slicer line and reduces the investment expense.

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MULTIVAC at interpack, 4th-10th of May

Stand E 23 in Hall 05
Stand A 51 in Hall 17

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Aufschnittpackungen Teil 2 [ID: 758]

A wide range of thermoforming packaging. Efficiently produced

A quick-change system for forming and sealing dies makes it easy to flexibly convert the high-performance packaging machine to other formats. We equip our packaging machines with suitable cutting systems for the resource-saving production of sliced product packs.


Economic packaging line. Systematic

Slicing, loading, packing, cutting and marking – our holistic packaging solutions can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of requirements. At interpack, we are presenting two different loading systems on the line for the loading of packs with sliced goods: The MULTIVAC Horizontal Loader as well as a MULTIVAC Pick-and-Place system. Both systems are designed to insert sliced products into packs safely and hygienically. With a high cycle output.

In addition to cutting machines and handling modules, various labelling and marking systems can also be easily integrated. For the labelling of packs of sliced goods, we at MULTIVAC are using our L 330 conveyor belt labeller as an example. We have equipped the line with an H 130 handling module for carton packaging.

Our packaging machines can also be supplemented with a jumbo film unwind for lower webs to further reduce machine downtime.