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Packing ready meals and fresh-cut products highly efficiently and economically - with traysealers from MULTIVAC

MULTIVAC Stand E 23 in Hall 05

They are very popular with consumers and the tendency is growing: ready meals, ready to eat salad and fruit mixes, vegetables, antipasti, convenience products and healthy snacks in all price segments. For the careful and safe packing of these trendy products, we at MULTIVAC offer innovative and highly-efficient solutions. For every requirement. With high flexibility. And with maximum cost-effectiveness.

High-performance traysealer. For a wide range of products

For the first time, we were presenting a traysealer at interpack on which ready meals and fresh-cut products can be efficiently packed in trays and pots. With and without modified atmosphere.

The G 700 offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to running different tray formats and materials. Trays made of plastic, aluminium or cardboard, as well as multi-chamber trays and those with a wide variety of shapes with a maximum tray depth of 110 mm, can be easily processed. The trays are reliably sealed. For packing under MAP, cycle rates of up to 15 cycles per minute can be realised. When packing without modified atmosphere, the G 700 can achieve up to 18 cycles per minute.

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MULTIVAC at interpack, 4th-10th of May

Stand E 23 in Hall 05
Stand A 51 in Hall 17

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Packing products gently. Thanks to innovative gas flushing technology

When producing packs with modified atmosphere, trays are gas-purged on the new tray packaging machine. There is no requirement to evacuate them. This means that the packaging procedure is more gentle and can even be used for very delicate food products. It is therefore also possible to pack crumbly components or ready-meal components which are hot filled, in a safe and reliable way.

Loading and infeeding. Precise and reliable

For the loading and infeed, we equip our packaging machines with belt systems or drag chain infeed systems from MULTIVAC. Corresponding denesters can also be integrated in these. The traysealer on display at interpack also has a precise and reliable tray transport system that is gentle on packs. For maximum process reliability and optimal pack results, we perfectly coordinate all line modules to the respective packaging machine. The operation is done ergonomically and simply via the intuitive machine user interface.