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Vacuum skin packs for high-grade food – for appetizing presentation at the POS

MULTIVAC Stand E 23 in Hall 05

Fresh meat, sausage products, fish, cheese - vacuum skin packs are the perfect choice for dimensionally stable packing as well as soft food. Vacuum skin packs protect the product reliably without deforming it. That's because the upper web is placed around the product like a second skin, without any tension. The product is also firmly located in the pack, which means that it can be presented at the point of sale either standing up or hanging as well as lying flat. The vacuum in the pack contributes to extended shelf life. The food maintains its natural appearance.

Comprehensive machine portfolio. Long-standing experience

We at MULTIVAC have long-standing experience in the area of vacuum skin technology. Our sophisticated machine range includes both thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers in all performance classes for packing a wide variety of products with differing product protrusions. They meet all requirements with regard to pack size, output and level of automation. Economic, resource-saving and highly efficient.


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MULTIVAC at interpack, 4th-10th of May

Stand E 23 in Hall 05
Stand A 51 in Hall 17

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Skin Teil 2 [ID: 773]

MultifreshTM. Innovative packaging solutions for thermoforming packaging machines

At interpack, a very special focus was on an innovative packaging system for the manufacture of high-grade vacuum skin packs: MultifreshTM. As regards the sector of thermoforming packaging machines, we were presenting the compact R 105 MF machine, an economical entry-level model for producing tailor-made high-quality vacuum skin packs. It also enables smaller manufacturers to make an entry into vacuum skin packs. And for the packing of products with a protrusion of up to 90 mm in large batches we presented our high-performance R 575 MF PRO machine.

MultifreshTM. For packaging in trays

In Düsseldorf, we were showcasing the fully automatic T 300 H machine from our wide range of traysealers. The space-saving entry-level model is suitable for packing a wide range of products, in small to medium-sized batches. The T 300 H can be designed as multi-track and combined with various discharge systems. Thanks to the simple die change, the machine can quickly be converted for different pack sizes and shapes.

Skin is in. High-grade films for an optimum packing result

Of course we will also be providing information about our MultifreshTM film range, that is unique in the market as regards its diversity. That's because only materials and machines that are perfectly coordinated with each other guarantee an optimal packing result. Our high-quality films have outstanding mechanical properties, which means that they can be used as a replacement for thicker materials without compromising quality. This reduces film consumption significantly and spares the environment.