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Solutions for packing and processing food

At interpack we are presenting


Compact packaging systems

Using a separate exhibition stand, we are also presenting flexible and cost-effective packaging machines for the semi-automatic packing of individual packs, as well as machines for the automatic packing of medium-sized batches.

Verpackungslösungen für Karton-Trays [ID: 10031]

Automatic line for recyclable MAP packs

Uncoated board trays are used in this fully automatic solution for producing recyclable packs with modified atmosphere. The thermoform packaging machine is equipped with an automatic infeed system for the board trays, as well as with a direct web printer for marking the packs.

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Komplettlösung für Portionieren und Verpacken [ID: 10032]

Automatic line for recyclable skin packs

The fully automatic solution for portioning and packing meat in MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs uses PaperBoard pre-cut cardboard backing. The packaging line is equipped with an automatic denester. A full wrap labelling system is used for the tray packs.

Vollautomatische Linie für Aufschnittpackungen [ID: 10033]

Automatic line for packs of sliced products

A versatile automatic belt loader provides the optimum link between the slicer and thermoform packaging machine. An innovative cross web labeller is used to apply labels reliably and precisely to the thermoformed packs.

Verpackungslösung für Becher [ID: 10034]

Automatic line for the filling, sealing and marking of pots

A multihead weigher is used for the filling operation. A direct web printer as well as a labeller are used for pack marking and labelling. A handling module is used to automatically load the pots into boxes.


Neue Maschinengeneration X-line [ID: 10035]

X-line packaging machines

X-line packaging machines are equipped with a comprehensive sensor system. Their unique sensor control makes it possible to pack with a very high level of flexibility and consistent reliability - even at maximum output. A further guarantee of their unrivalled versatility and pack quality is the X-tool system, the innovative die concept on X-line thermoform packaging machines and traysealers.

In order to make the set-up of new products and packaging materials even easier, X-line packaging machines can be equipped with Pack Pilot, which enables the parameters to be set automatically to the optimum operating point. This ensures a very quick production start is achieved - even with new pack or product applications. X-line packaging machines also offer the opportunity of online access to MULTIVAC Smart Services, allowing machine efficiency to be increased still further.

Vollautomatische Aufschnittlinie im Live-Betrieb [ID: 10036]

Fully automatic line in live operation for producing packs of sliced products

The slicer is linked seamlessly to the thermoform packaging machine by means of a flexible handling module, which can also be designed for packs with assorted products. A direct web printer is used to mark the packs. A handling module, which is integrated in the thermoform packaging machine, is used to converge the packs.

MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC) ensures all the various line modules are integrated seamlessly to make a highly efficient complete line, which can be operated easily and reliably. Thanks to its overarching functions such as automatic line stop-and-start, as well as product and recipe change, together with its capability for linking to higher-level production systems, MULTIVAC Line Control ensures the greatest possible transparency and efficiency are achieved.

Using a separate outside exhibition stand, the processing of salami and cheese will be shown alternately in live operation.