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Solutions for packing and processing food


Nachhaltige Verpackungslösungen [ID: 10015]

Sustainable packaging solutions

We offer solutions, which support our customers in reducing the consumption of packaging materials and improving the recyclability of packs. Our innovative technology and comprehensive range of tested packaging materials make a major contribution to this effort.

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Effizienz durch Automatisierung [ID: 10016]

Efficiency through automation

MULTIVAC is able to automate a wide range of tasks throughout the processing and packaging line. These include solutions for infeeding products, loading them into the packaging machine, transporting and discharging packs, and even systems for box packing and palletising.

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Gesamtlinien aus einer Hand [ID: 10018]

Fully integrated lines for processing and packing food

Fully integrated lines for processing and packing food contribute to achieving the maximum process reliability and efficiency.

MULTIVAC offers innovative solutions for slicing, portioning, packaging, labelling and marking, inspection and handling. By combining many different functions and providing MULTIVAC Line Control (MLC), our lines from one source have a unique level of efficiency. They have greater performance, are easier to operate, produce consistently high quality and require less space.

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Prozesssicherheit durch Digitalisierung [ID: 10019]

Process reliability through digitalisation

Digitalisation is a fundamental building block for increasing product safety and consumer protection. Thanks to their unique sensor control, our X-line packaging machines make a significant contribution to optimum processes and reproducible pack quality. Maximum operating reliability is provided by Pack Pilot and a user interface that can be personalised.

X-line packaging machines are also designed for seamless integration into higher-level systems, as well as for use with MULTIVAC Smart Hub and MULTIVAC Smart Services, which offer our customers even more added value.

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We will show the following products at interpack 2020