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Tiefziehverpackungsmaschine RX 4.0 [ID: 10038]

Solutions for packing and marking life science and healthcare products

At interpack we are presenting


RX 4.0 thermoform packaging machine

The RX 4.0 thermoform packaging machine is designed for packing medical products. It is equipped with a direct web printer for the individual marking of packs, as well as with a handling module for automated pack removal.

Automatische Beladelösung für Kombinationspackungen [ID: 10039]

Loading solution with auto-refill system

Automatic loading solution for combi packs with auto-refill* system to ensure that packs are complete.

Etikettiersystem für zylindrische Produkte [ID: 10040]

Reliable labelling of cylindrical products

The labelling system is designed for precise and reliable labelling of cylindrical products. An integrated printer ensures each product is marked individually, while a similarly integrated inspection system for monitoring the print guarantees, that only fault-free products are transferred to downstream processes.